Sunday, 4 March 2012

"Where is the place for art?"

''Susan Jones asks the question: are traditional arts organisations the best vehicles for meaningful participation or should we be looking elsewhere?'

Guardian's Culture Professional Network blog, see here for the full article Pitching up: where is the place for art? 

"These are dangerous times for people and for our world of arts values. . . Uncertainty can cause us to be safe, edit complexity, be secretive, conservative' says Susan Jones in her provocation 'Where is the place for arts?' Commissioned for the Engage/ Enquire International Conference ( November 2011) with an extract published on the Guardian's Culture Professional Network blog. 

She questions whether traditional arts organisations will in future be the best vehicles for meaningful participation, or should we be looking elsewhere for alternatives to art world institutional models. Drawing on Conrad Atkinson's Critical Mats,  Arts Council England policy statements, declining gallery visitor numbers, the Centro Niemeyer in Spain and the 
Citizen Power programme in Peterborough and other projects that have responded to the challenges of our fast-changing world, she suggest the place for art might be 'in temporary institutions that can quickly foster meaningful, timely participation and create a bigger bounce".
Cited in A-N Magazine NEWS, February 2012. A place for art at

The full version of her discussion can be read here or viewed via

'Susan Jones is an activist, writer and researcher in the visual arts and director of a-n The Artists Information Company, a non-profit arts enterprise whose mission is to stimulate and support contemporary visual arts practice and affirm the value of artists in society.' Guardian. 

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