Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Geodesic Dome, Buckminster Fuller Workshop, in association with STEMnet

Here, with Jennifer Crouch , I supported an engineering and maths workshop organised by STEMnet. We constructed a geodesic dome which will be used as an outside classroom. The workshop was for a group of year 10 math students. The programme began with a presentation discussing the mathematical principles behind the construction, with activities leading the students through different 3D structures that they assembled with toothpicks and marshmallows. 


With our guidance the students discovered that the tetrahedron is the most structurally sound shape hence why it is often used in architecture. Following this, I lead a presentation on Buckminster Fuller, who pioneered these concepts in architecture and designed the geodesic dome. The remaining time was spent building the dome.

Net plan

First we had to assemble all the pieces

 The cement base had already been layed

I used this as an opportunity to discuss with the students 
how art it applicable across many disciplines and its
relevance to what we were doing. I will be returning to 
the school next month to run workshops that 
combine art, maths and science.

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