Friday, 2 December 2011

Offret - Documentation of the Intervention

Offret, a project initiated by 6th Hour Productions, culminated in an artist urban intervention, on the 11/11/11.  It sought to address issues that surround the widespread rioting that took place in England in August 2011.  It was part of the European festival, Exchange Radical Moments, which connected live art projects that "meet us in the middle of everyday life, which interrupts the usual routine and unbalances us, hold, pause." 

The intervention involved a video-collage projection onto a building that was affected by arson from the riots. This was accompanied by a sound piece that boomed out across the streets. During this time the The Junction, a community written newspaper was distributed. The content came from a series of community workshops that I facilitated, for more detail see the post below.   

 Click here to read an online version of the paper.

Documentation of the intervention. 
I am in the process of sorting the material, an edited version will be uploaded soon. 

Footage of the projection


Interview with Sofia Dawe, 6th Hour Production

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